Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bad Faery choice

Hi to all, Well with FaeryWorlds approaching fast... I thought I better get with it... With all my garden prep and the finishing touches on my fairy garden… Block lying... I should say MORE block<-- I have had very little creative time. Although I am making a hair piece, and a shell belt for the other dress I am going to use for Good Faery Day, and for the event in general.…

I bought this outfit and I will transform it into “Bad Fairy” garb. I am going for the Bad faery goth pirate look.

I have lovely sparkling jewels to adorn it with *~* a scull head & wooden bead rosary -->really long, a red sparkling skull and crossbones head scarf, Home made trade bead hair strands, black leather look leggings, silver faery cross, and of course some wings fit for a bad fairy!! Here is a sneak peak at the outfit--> part of it anyway... I will post my picture in it later!! When I get it all put together.

Sparkling summer sunbeams