Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sigh off for Analog TV

Sigh off Or Rip Off

No other western country in the world disconnects its analog signal completely. They just add digital... Why do I care? I have a satellite TV signal --> Yes! But I also have, and use the analog TV signal as well. For many years I depended on analog for news, and weather reports as well as the EBS (emergency broad cast system). Especially during storm, and power outage. I still have one TV set for analog reception and used it everyday.
There is an underlined reason for this change --> make no mistake…

Yes, I got my “SPECIAL” conversion box. Paid for it too--- last January. Just to find out a month ago that most networks will not come up with the use of it. The digital signal just does not carry as far, and does not get to certain areas of the country. Well at 9 am Friday it went off, and I checked my TV --> reprogrammed with this new converter box... Well Yippee it worked. I get 6 religious channels, and channel 13 which is also owned & operated by a religious group... I do not watch it due to the biased news reporting they offer. No CBS, ABC, or NBC & no PBS. We use to get 11 stations total. Now 7 --> all religion backed. Make no mistake the programming on both satellite (cable) and analog signal is pathetic. But the point is freedom for me to watch what I choose, and not be force fed the info that someone else chooses, and deciding what news I need to know with their spin on it as icing... So they destroy Radio broadcasting many years ago--- Now TV availability.
So where does that leave the Americans, and Canadians who like to choose what they watch and listen to... Well no were. I believe this is one more forced control on the American people. I believe people better stand up soon, heck this is a major control of a large population --> limiting its populous to information, and real time current events around the country & world. It may well be too late to stand up. I did a research paper at university years ago on “Technology and Society”. Our government and the big five pushed the tech world on to the populous as a big money making venture. So badly that people discarded the old ways of life. <-- Honest communication One on one.. Now with the huge population of the US. technology is almost a necessity. One needs to keep informed on the state of this country in all parts. I am wondering what the 80 percent of the USA population that does not have cable are doing? How much of that 80 percent are even able to get a signal with this box, and how many even could have afforded one? Oh yes the federal coupon… Still you had to peel out 20 bucks + of your own money to get one... Figure 800 hundred thousand X 20 bucks. 800,000 --> that’s just the latest number of people who called the FCC the first 24 hours after the shut off. = 14 million dollars--> now that a piece of change... That’s not factoring in those who paid from 60 to 80 dollars for this box, or the total amount sold...
Sounds like a scam to me. Someone is making a lot of money while they are force feeding us there bad decisions.