Friday, June 19, 2009

Midsummers Night *~* June 21

Seeing the Faeries on Midsummer Eve ;

Seek out a secrete spot, wild and lovely, where all the herbs and trees of the summer flourish around you. Build a little fire in a ring of stone sand smolder nine pine cones and a little incense. For these bring good fortune you will have brought with you a crown twisted from oak leaves, rosemary and wild roses, pink and white. Take only what you need from each tree or bush and bless each one for its providence. You must wait till the twilight comes on and the stars begin to twinkle, and then dance around the fire.The fairies will show you how; listen in your heart to their inspiration, and you will dance the magical dance of the woods and the stars and the fire-bewitched night, for what was done in days of old will be done again.When you have tires, sit down and meditate upon the fire,
Look into its flames, and ask the King of the Elves and the Queen of the Woods to be with you in your meditation.Think the mystical forces in nature, which are the angels and the fairies. If you keep a faithful with stillness of heart, you will see them dancing among the trees and the fire will bring you visions of the spirit. As the fire burns down, lay your crown aside and say:"This is for the fairies".Put out your fire Keep a pen and paper by your bedside this eve, for your dreams will be touched with the magic of the night and the fairies.

Midsummer Night Eve

The night is a glow with sweet summer scent.
The moons watchful eye is on this summer event.
Bon fire ablaze with its crackle and pop,
honey wine flows like the foam off a pot.
Flowers strung round in every hue.
to celebrate life and the world that's renewed.
The magic begins right after midnight,
this night seems a haze in the bright fire light.
Creatures of earth take on a new shape,
Fairies in flight have a renewed gait.
The night stretches on where magic abounds,
The honey wine tastes as sweet as it sounds.
This Midsummer moon turns a shade of orange gold
as the sun comes arising, new beauty to behold.

June 16, 2007

Blessed Be to all