Monday, June 22, 2009

Midsummer Magic

Hi to all, Let the Magic begin!! Last night was most wonderful *~*baring out all the thunder and lightning we had earlier in the day. Even had some big rain drops as well! The faery garden looked lovely last night in the candles soft glow, the smell of fresh cut flowers, I chose; wild fox glove, wild honeysuckle, forget-me knots, lavender, rosemary, carnations, yellow alyssum, & sweet William. All nestled in my vintage clam and oyster shells. Melania held the fire orange Lily's over her pool filled with shells. The candles were KF watermelon scent.. As like last year I awoke this morning to find them still burning. Of course Byrum was working his magic as it was the longest night of the year.. The grand lady of my fairy garden the Calla lily glowed as bright as Luna herself..