Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Bee's Feeling Pink

Tis getting close to the day of the Valentine. So being a student of art history, I was to understand that Pablo Picasso" had his Blue and Rose periods of painting. He reflected his emotions at that time by using theses colors and their gradients to express them.. So I am going to call the next few blogs my pink period.. In celebration of the month of February the month of hearts..
Here I have chosen a most fairy like flower cup and saucer.. Modern made but truly a keeper.. Ah, here is one for my friend Whichy, a hob nail tumbler. In pinkish almost light purple & white opal essence.. ( really supose to be white hob- nails , they where once, but with age they turn pinkish purpleish colors.) This my friends is one of the very first examples of this pattern made in the USA.. This tumbler is dating mid 1800's -->hob nails even on the bottom of the tumbler this is made from a four piece mould.

Then we have the BlossomFlite pattern made by; Hull Pottery Company these pieces were produced in the 50's. Candle holder, console bowl, wine boat, & urn.. Just love these don't you? How pink it is!! Oh and last but not least here is my little elephant shaker I had to add him ~*~ So sweet.. and of course a garden fairy card with pink!!

Happ y HAppY