Saturday, February 10, 2007

A Honey of a Surpise

Enchantress's Valentine table*~* Picture taken through her crystal ball....
So Pretty, love the candle sticks!!! PS; Thats my lil Valentine I sent her standing in between them. :-) Thanks for the photo Enchantress...

Hi all, Well I think I am past the worst of this nasty flu bug I have so graciousely picked up?

Here are some photo's I finally got of a lovely surprise I received in the mail from a dear fairy friend Enchantress.. Needless to say I was over whelmed by her generosity and of course her lovely taste in the "SPARKLES"!!! The frame is KF of course & the picture is one of my Harrison Fisher girls. If you all remember a blog some time ago?? By the way that print is called "Fair Exhibit".

*~* It she not truly sparkling now!!! *~*

I am not sure if the pictures reflect it or not but these sparkling bees protect a jewel that is the same color as fresh honey in the hive.. I was really set back by that---> But LOVE IT.. I will be the envy at the bee round up in April.. :-) This lovely pin and earring set will be the hit of the round up.. Thank you again Enchantress I truly love them !!