Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Hi to the Harry Potter fans..... <------------- Yep Love it!!

I was in contact with my publisher a few days ago and I was told through the grape vine that "National Geographic Magazine "<------ Yes that's right! NG is doing a piece on the "The Harry Potter Plants."
In the July 2007 issue.

Believe it---- I cannot that = NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC & THE MANDRAKES
But I will love to read it. The botanical on that will be most interesting. I know of most of Plants... But i really want to know if the " Gillyweed" Does it really exist, and is available and will it work on a old lady like me????? :-)

Like my friend Cindy I would love to be a mermaid!!!

Anyway that's a heads up for you Potter fans...

Right from the
Buzzing Bee