Tuesday, February 13, 2007



Hi All, Just a post to WISH you a very Happy Valentines Day!

May it be full of wine & roses, laughter & love.. Oops and chocolate of course!!! <--- :-)

The ring above is my surprise for Valentines day from My Scotch on the Rocks.. So sneaky he was? The picture of the young people---> is us on our honey moon.... >Many Moons Ago<
Here is some February 14th history and some thoughts for this day!!

February 14 has become a night of forced and unro-mantic romance. This year, take it back and make it yours. Today in 1824, Ladies' Garland, the first newspaper addressing the interests of women, was published in the U.S. Today in 1912, Arizona became the forty-eighth state. It's the eve of Lupercalia, the Roman festival of the she-wolf, a day of purification and fertility. It was also the "Old Candle mass" in many traditions, before Candle mass was realigned to February 2. Celebrate who and what you love in this life. Use beautiful scented candles to illuminate your home. Surround yourself with sen­sual, textural foods, clothing, and experiences. Prepare a meal with your loved ones and prepare it with love. Eat by candlelight. Send loving emails or post cards to friends and family. Appreciate inspiration, inspire others, And grow love in the coming season.

Sparkling hearts