Saturday, April 05, 2008

Bee Tragedy

Hi to all.. Well today was suppose to be a day of happy events.. But it turned out to be very sad. I was scheduled to pick up new boxed bee's this morning.. I arrived with bells on as usual to pick up 3 box's of new baby bees--> only to find a tragedy. The bee agent I have purchased my bees from for years now had a sad, and horrifying site to behold.. Over 7 million dead bees still in the box's.. It seems that they were picked up and loaded from the broker in California about 35 hours ago. The drive seemed good and all seemed well. The truck pulled in late last night at my agents farm and they parked the truck inside the barn awaiting to unload the box's early this morning . When my agent went down this morning and started to unload he noticed a lot of sugar syrup( which the bees feed on during the trip. Each box of 35 thousand has its own can pre fitted into the box) As they panicked and unstacked them they saw more and more box's full of dead bees. Well they unloaded them all only to discover over half the load was dead.. With further inspection they found the sugar syrup mix was not thick as it should be. It is NOT to run out of the can freely! So the result was the syrup all ran out on top of the bees and drowned them.. Very, very sad to see this. Very, very sad site to behold!! My agent lost a lot of money too! So he is going to have to negotiate for another load of bees. Hopefully this next week or week end!!??? I will keep you posted~~