Friday, April 04, 2008

Sleepy Day

Hi to all, Just hanging out today kind of feeling bad... But hopefully I can get some rest, and feel better by tomorrow--> as am picking up new baby bees!
I also have some news--> I have been chosen for the fourth year in a row as one of 200 lucky poets to be published in the "Best Poems & Poets of 2007". I was ask to contribute a new poem for the publication so I chose one called "Beltane Moon"" I also received a editors choice award earlier this year for my poem "The Lori-Bird" which will be included in a anthology of poetry. That book will publish at years end . I feel so honored and so lucky. I write from the hip one might say, always nothing special just what comes to mind. Sometimes I dream a poem<-- yes really, and I have learned to wake up and write them down.. So many have been lost between slumber and sunrise.

Anyway I will up date on the bees after tomorrow --> Always a exciting day!!

Beltane Moon

Under the moon, its pure delight,
As it rises high, so full and shinning bright.
Reflecting a smile to all below,
and wrapping the world in a magical glow,
To wish alls well in the renewed days to come
Filled by Mothers Natures grace, with the rising of the sun.

The Lori-Bird

A tiny bird sits upon my window sill,
She always sings a happy tune.
To brighten each day with her skill
she always there when I need a smile.
so I can escape for awhile
The fairies say she's a Loribird..
with a special gift to all that yurn,
for a smiling face,a giggle or laugh.
The sounds of her song bring these all to pass,
So be on the look out for the Loribird..
No better song can ever be heard..