Friday, April 25, 2008

Puppy Update

Another Puppy update.. Well my babies are 7 months old now. I had them pose today for a snap shot or two.. They cooperated some what---LOL

I am just now getting them to know that it is OK to be out doors by themselves.. I am letting them alone for a short time to help them trust themselves.. We have so many wild animals here. This has to be gradual so they gain confidence..

They love the warm weather too!! They want to stay out all day with mom, and do all the things Mom is doing..

They love all this digging and dirt moving.. The garden is of great interest too. They helped me move all my plant starts from the house to the green house with much interest. They know these plants are pretty important as they walk around them very carefully! It is really funny to watch as I have never told them anything about the plants they must just know by how I act when working with them??? Very smart puppies,--> to smart sometimes.. :-)