Thursday, April 17, 2008

Got the new box bees today!!

Hi to all, Well I picked up my new baby bees (as I call them) Two boxes about 4lbs each--> which is estimated to be about 45,000 bees in each box.... Nice big bees too!! Got them home, did a little prep to the already prepared hives, and Scotch on the Rocks & I loaded them up. Got it all done in about 1 hour--- closed up the hives in the nick of time as it started to pour rain!!! Whoooosh!! Lucky Bee charmer I am. I smelled that rain a comen!!!
I had to load them this afternoon as the temperature is going to start dropping this evening... In fact our snow level is dropping to 500 feet this weekend... We could get SNOW!!!!!! My bees are safe in there dry new home all snug like a bug in a rug so I am happy happy BeeCharmer !!!