Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Andes colorful world

I truly LOVE, LOVE these.--- I keep them out year round.. These were purchased from artists who live in the Andes Highlands. These pictures do not do them justus.. The pottery is hand thrown with local clays. Then are hand painted by the artists with dyes that are natural paints made from minerals, plants, and insects that are found locally. The detail is just wonderful.. I purchased these as I wanted to enlighten myself to what a individual in a Andean village sees when they look out their window. I live at the edge of a rain forest and they live in one.. Needless to say I was not disappointed with the realism. The artist for the two village scene vases were done by; Francisco Guerreros Coronado.
The Toucan vase was done by a lovely lady; Pancahua Rojas .
Sparkling Bee