Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Garden Gate

A Gardner’s Thoughts…

Well most of you all know I am the gardening maniac.. I have been planting things since I was about 9 years old… Of course my methods now are propelled with a little more education.. None the less I still enjoy it today as I did at the tender age of 9.. I post today as I have been noticing a change in the price of commercially sold seeds. Vegetable especially? About five years ago I started graphing the price change and it has increased by 30 percent over that period… I know that in the past when seed companies have bad years the price increases are not so noticeable but there is just a limited supply of the particular seed for sale.. Even in some years there were none for sale in certain varieties of vegetables. This year it has become very expense for the top quality organic seeds as well as others. I have always kept records of my seed purchases I usually buy from the same companies as well.. I hope this trend does not continue... As it will make it quite spendy for the beginning gardener who wants to grow quality vegetables.. The trial and error with seeds for the beginner is a given. In fact it is not unusual for a beginner to get less than 50 percent germination of there planted seeds. Thus a lot of money could be spent…? I am not sure of the reason for this.. My only thought is that our government has bought up so many family farms that they are now able to regulate how much seed will be sold and the price it will be sold for?? I really hope this is not the case??? I have collected my own seeds for years now.. But it is a talent that is learned with trial and error.. So for those who garden saving you own home grown seeds may not be a bad idea.. I am expanding my seed collections this year to all my favorite varieties.

OK, I am off my soap box.

I found some old seed advertisements and seed package images that I have I thought I would share….