Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Lamps oh those beautiful Lamps!!

Hi All, Well the sun is out and the sky is BlUE today! I am loving this.. I saw leafs coming out on my apple tree too--> Could it be spring??
Well here is my post on lamps..
Yes lamps too!! We have examples of antique oil to modern electric.. Manufactures from England, Italy, and the USA. The two pattern glass oil lamps (Amber colored to the right & amberina to the far right) & the green electric glass lamp above are USA made from three piece mould pattern named " Moon and Star" introduced in US in 1874 by Adams & Company. In years past they called this pattern called "Palace". A very old glass pattern that has survived the test of time. Thanks to the Weishar Glass and Mould Company. LG Wright Glass Manufacturer's also reproduced this pattern in the sixties. Even in mini lamps --yes mini lamps . That a whole different post :-)
I also have posted a picture of what I call my "Aladdins Lamp".. It is made from silver; made in England.. very antique.. It is a lady's perfume lamp.. Talk about aroma therapy!! I love the detail on it and the the snake handle is so cool!! Then there is the Italian made Millefiori Glass electric lamp.. The is a artistic piece and it is made up of many small multi-colored glass pieces I consider it art glass. This one has cobalt blue colored glass background and was made in the 50's. Well there you have it.. I will try to sometime to photograph all my mini lamps those are really cute..
Sparkle on my friends