Friday, January 12, 2007

Kirks Folly jewelry Displays

Hi All, Well I survived another wind, rain, freezing rain,& snow bombardment! Now alls I have to do is catch up on all the sleep I lost the past two months!..
Here are some photos of my KF jewels and how I display them.. From the Powder Room, to the Living Room, to my head<-- LOL. The two barretts are ; "Pave' Snowflake" on top, and the "Ice Queen" below. I told BriteRaven I would wear them both but I had to wait for the pave snow -flake as it was on wait list... I just recieved it today.. So here is the back of my head in all its sparkling glory!!
Sorry it looks blurry but those darn crystals reflect really bad when trying to get a photo!!!!! The pillow is how I display my pins; this is not all. I need to update this photo. I spread them out on three pillows.

Have a Sparkling Day