Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Colorful Antique and Collectable Pitchers

Hi again, Well today was almost a scary day... No weather to speak of*~* not even rain?? This is the second of several blog entry's I will be posting of different antiques and such that I have.
I am the flea market*~*~ yard sale Queen.. I have done this since I was a young teenager.. But of course it helped that my Great Grandmother was a pack rat!! OOOOoo the stuff she had<-- :-) and my Grandmother is as well. She also operated a second hand store for years. She sold at flea markets into her 80's.. So I guess I come by it naturally and I think in a previous life I was a snooty Victorian in Europe??

This is my pitcher entry. We have modern and antique examples here; Northwood Glass Company, Fenton Glass Company, Weishar Glass & Mould Company, Wright Glass Company, Woods of England, and even a North Ridge Pottery Company's -->Coco Pot. ( Which was purchased by a lady who produced a book on Northridge Pottery and it made the cover of the book.) These item date from the oldest -- mid 1800's the coin spot pitcher to 1980 the azul blue pitcher.
I have a love for pattern glass and I consider my self a expert in that particular area.
Anyway Happy Hunting