Thursday, September 27, 2007

Harvest Moon Bon Fire

Hi To all, Well this years Harvest Moon was awesome. Last night the weather was perfect for my bon fire . It was warm out about 51 degrees and not wisp of wind. The lovely moon shone bright above us in the nice little camp spot (thats what I call it) my hubby made it on our property ( he worked for the Forest service when he was a little younger...) He made it just for celebrations.
We had roasting marshmallows and hot dogs<===Nicky's favorite..
Oh here is the story on that !! We have several bon fires during the year. The only way Nickie will attend, and Not be rude, is if there are some hot dogs.. If you forget them<=== he lays far away with his back turned on you and that's it!!

Anyway it was just wonderful. We stayed out for about 4 and 1/2 hours. We listened to music and just reflected on our accomplishments in this last year.. What a way to end a hard day of canning.. Potato's -->>Check -->Check!!
Hope you enjoy the pictures. I think I had about a pint of wine by this time??

Sparkling moon beams