Sunday, September 09, 2007

History Of the Muses

Hi to all, This is really fun lore... I love the Muses.

In Greek Mythology;

These are "the Nine Muses".. I will do them in three blog entry's..


History Of Muses

According to myth, after the gods of Olympus defeated the Titans, they asked Zeus (king of the gods) to create a group of new divinities whose task would be to sing the praises of that great victory. After Zeus coupled with Mnemo-syne ("memory") for nine consecutive nights,the muses were born at Pieria, at the foot of Mt.Olympus. Besides being divine singers, each of the nine muses had a different talent and was presented with a symbol.

Erato; is the muse of love poetry and mimicry.

She is seen with a lyre and sometimes wears a crown of roses.

Klio; is the muse of history. She is often seen sitting with a

scroll accompanied by a chest of books. She introduced

the Phoenician alphabet to Greece.

Terpsichore; is the muse of dance and song. She is often seen dancing with her lyre.