Sunday, September 02, 2007

September is National Honey Month

Celebrate Honey - Nature’s Sweetener -

September is National Honey Month, the National Honey Board urges consumers to appreciate honey as nature’s sweetener and the try the wide varieties of honey available. From clover fields to citrus orchards to mountain wildflowers, bees gather nectar to make honey –> nature’s sweetener.
Honey is "manufactured" in nature’s most efficient factory – the beehive. You can enjoy honey as nature presents it – as comb honey, or as extracted liquid honey or crystallized whipped honey.Whatever the form, it is pure natural honey. Nothing has been added or taken away! The photo is of whats called "cut comb". It is cold slug..--->Which means cut from a honey frame straight out of the hive!!!
"Yummy" finger licking good!!
I just fininshed putting up my honey it it truly a gift..

Sparkling Honey Combs