Saturday, September 22, 2007

Falls Approach

Hi to all, The weather is changing here at Ravenswood.. I feel the crisp air more each day. With the garden clean up left to do, and other domestic chores ==> I have over done again!! I have not been feeling well so hubby took me shopping..

Jeez how did he know?

He bought me this beautiful example of fall colors in the form of two dozen roses. I also received another gift about two weeks ago. I had entered a poem into the 2007 International Society of Poets Convention and Symposium. I was invited but alas I cannot attend.. I entered the poem below in July as I was asked to Fed- X in something by my publisher.. I liked this poem so off it went.. In the mail two weeks ago I received this lovely trophy for "Poet of Merit".. It is lovely -- it really is. The blue globe has the images engraved on it and it is so nice. It seems to be a artistic rendition of a hand holding the world.. Anyway I was VERY surprised, very much so!! Anyway I had to share.. Kim told me too!!!! Your a dear Kim!!

Sparkling fall leaves


Midsummer Night Eve

The night is a glow with sweet summer scent.
The moons watchful eye is on this summer event.
Bon fire ablaze with its crackle and pop,
honey wine flows like the foam off a pot.
Flowers strung round in every hue.
to celebrate life and the world that's renewed.
The magic begins right after midnight,
this night seems a haze in the bright fire light.
Creatures of earth take on a new shape,
Fairies in flight have a renewed gait.
The night stretches on where magic abounds,
The honey wine tastes as sweet as it sounds.
This Midsummer moon turns a shade of orange gold
as the sun comes arising, new beauty to behold.

June 16, 2007