Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Nine Muses 3

Hi To all, Well this is the third and last entry on the 9 Muses. Very interesting talented ladies wouldn't you think? They look to have had a whole lot a fun as well.

To the 9 Muses I say:

"In Veno Veritas"

Many sparkling glasses of wine to all


Melpomene; is the muse of tragedy in spite her joyous singing. She is represented by a tragic mask and is sometimes seen with a garland, a club and a sword.

Calliope; is the muse of epic poetry. Her name means "sweet voice". She and god Apollo were the parents of Orpheus, the great musician.

Polymnia; is the muse of sacred and rhetoric poetry. She has also been called the muse of geometry, meditation and agriculture. Polymnia is also seen veiled.